Welcome to Itzey’s Book Blog

Sue and Bambi

The darling fawn in my arms is not Itzey.  Itzey’s my cat.

This newborn was found in the road by a young teenager who came to my door asking if I could help.

I had to cradle it for a few minutes before I returned it to the woods.   It’s not often you get to hold such a soft precious animal.

Itzey at fireplace

Things are pretty laid back  in the north Georgia Mountains.

I hope you can join me by the fireplace for a hot cup of coffee while we chat about the most recent new book I’ve read.  Feel free to let me know what you are reading as well.

Retirement has its virtues and kicking back with a good book is one of them.   And at my age, I get to be selective.  So no bodice rippers, graphic novels or really “out there” sci-fi for me.   A little weird is fine… I recently purchased The Third Novel of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children entitled Library of Souls  by Ransom Riggs and I loved The Martian by Andy Weir.

And I will toss out that I am not interested in mushy romance and/or religious soaked stories that resemble Hallmark movies.  My novels have to have a little substance and grit.

My favorite reads are historical fiction that are well researched and transport me to another time and place; debut authors; suspense and thrillers, coming of age stories, and just about anything else that is well crafted.

Remember if you will, I am new at this blogging stuff.  I grew up with rotary phones and manual typewriters.

4 responses to “Welcome to Itzey’s Book Blog

  1. I am saving that photo for just the right book! The picture is so nice that I will post a link to the whole picture if I decide to crop part of it. Glad you found the blog, Crooked Sticks!


  2. Ahh – great to find your Blog, “Itzey” and I will look forward to viewing how you apply a certain “foggy valley” image to one of your musings. Also, I have a great friend in Houston who is part of a dedicated book club. I will share your blog with him as well. Cheers! Crooked Sticks


  3. Thanks, Kristy! Looking forward to reviewing your brother’s newest book in the near future. So many books, so little time.


  4. Kristyn Snedden

    I love your blog website Sue. I’m a fan of the Peculiar Children books too – read my first one in Istanbul. Keep up the great reviews! Kristy


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